Nagesh Pulipati

Founder and CEO

Nagesh Pulipati is the founding partner of Oakmead Investments. He has strong business background in Legal, Financial, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunication, Retail, Energy, Real Estate and Steel Industries. He has been working in the Legal Industry for the past 10 years. Nagesh has been an active and passive investor in several real estate deals, and has raised funds for multifamily deals worth $2.5MM. Nagesh is very passionate about Real Estate Investments, and to build long-term relationships with sellers, brokers, and realtors in the multifamily industry. He helped provide investor funds to purchase over 1200 apartment units worth over $150M. Current strategic partners included Ashcroft Capital, Thompson Investing, Wildhorn Capital and Covemark Group.

​Nagesh prides himself on building long-term relationships with investors and partners while providing a great customer experience. Nagesh has lived in Dallas, Texas for eight years with his wife and has two children. Before moving to Dallas, he lived in NJ for 17 years.