Investment Approach

Our Investors


Syndicated Multifamily Real Estate has become the investment vehicle of choice for accredited investors who are looking for consistent returns via monthly cash flow. Routinely called “passive income”, it opens a myriad of options for investors, as well as substantial tax advantages.

Professional business owners use the monthly cash flow from Syndicated Multifamily Real Estate investing to help sunset their entrepreneurial endeavors and professional practices; younger professionals use it to enhance their lifestyles and build their nest eggs; and retirees utilize it to supplement pensions and retirement income.

Oakmead Investments offers syndicated investment opportunities with a minimum of $50,000 commitment, with an expected investment life of 5-10 years. Investors realize a predictable monthly income, and a substantial return on principal upon cash out.


Through a proven proprietary research process, we locate and (with our syndicated investment partners) purchase undervalued multifamily properties in areas that meet our criteria for growth.


The property is repurposed. This can include renovation, more efficient management, and rebranding. In every case, value markedly increases, as does desirability to live there.


Investors enjoy monthly cash flow, generous tax advantages, and a stable investment. Further, they enjoy these benefits without property liability or management worries, which the operator handles.

Our Goals

Preserve Investor Capital

Provide Cash Flow to Investors

Generate High-risk Adjusted Returns